Our R & D laboratory for new products works

We are designing new products according to customer needs. We will increase the quality of our existing products. Our R & D activities with our experienced team continues uninterrupted.

Experience since 1978

First, whose Foundation was laid in 1978, our company has several years of experience and reputation in the greatest achievements spanning.

Export to 10 countries, for now

ASAL Chemical products to Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe are exported to 10 different countries in total.


Economic growth at the centre of the concept of innovation resides in the fact that it moves with the market as to the changing needs of R & D in the field of continuous work developing new products. Need to suit custom paint, coating material or adhesive can design. It owes its steady growth for years-invariant

Asal Chemical

The Production Of Glue

In January 2006 we started production of the types oftutka tüketimiproduct we have added to our portfolio also glue consumption glue. Furniture, paint industry group, paper industry group, and the carpet industry to the production of varieties that cater to the glue factory began production in our new building kosb.You will have to contact to get more information about our products glue…

New Production Facility

Prime Paint chemical industry, the chemical industry in Tuzla kosb factory   fabrika   began production in a new production facility in the organized industrial sector. The new production facility 400 tons of paint and glue have the capacity to produce 300 tonnes monthly. The company’s production its construction paints, industrial paints, paint thinner, varnish, and glue pinotex types with a wide variety of products aims to remove over 70.

Dangerous Colors

People inside is the translator of colours. Joy, hate, love, passion and many more emotions that cannot be put into words, we’ve made the colors of the burden of

40 Years Of Experience

With 40 years of experience in the manufacture of paint Prime Paint chemical industry by manufacturing a list of products is expanding. By tripling the capacity of the new production facility in chemistry yelpazesi Prime paint glue if product variants are added. After a very short while, varnishes and thinners in the dye Chem Prime which will begin the production of a new production facility in 2006 to expand the list of products which we manufacture and aims to increase the continuous quality of the line.