Construction Product Groups


Interior paint the interior of our habitat that provides a clean and beautiful look form a protective layer on the surface of our walls. When choosing interior wall paint, wall paint first, you are going to know the place you are and you should know how they differ, and that is in a state of the state of.Your choice of paint to make for you accordingly would be the best



The interior of the housing, the choice of paint to paint the exterior of the building as also the importance of the choice of both aesthetic and in terms of durability is important. In choosing exterior paint, the first important point is that application to be made where the building is located inside the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the surface.



Synthetic floor, one-component, alkyd resin, semi-matte or glossy appearance of the finish coat.

Synthetic times, particularly metal surfaces used in the manufacture of steel that are used for different purposes in various industries with the last coat of paint on all wood surfaces.