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In 1978, our company started production in 1988 with the name of Erna name paint chemical industry and trade. Ltd. Ltd. he’d changed, and paint is made in a factory in production capacity. 2013 from a new factory in the organized industrial zone in the production of salt chemical industry will continue to do. First and then started with the production of architectural coatings has added several new products to its product portfolio. Industrial paints, furniture, adhesives and glues, Acrylic Polymer Emulsions, epoxy floor coating products, acrylic ground systems has added a new sports field.

ASAL Checimial focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising quality since its inception an understanding of customer needs and expectations for a manufacturing company. Economic growth at the centre of the concept of innovation resides in the fact that it moves with the market as to the changing needs of R & D in the field of continuous work developing new products. Need to suit custom paint, coating material or adhesive can design. It owes its steady growth for years-invariant.

ASAL Checimial,Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and TSE certified company with a superior software infrastructure and production reporting, and archiving abilities of converting the race to service with experienced staff.

We manufacture the products which are selling both in domestic and foreign markets.